Folk Life Creative LLC is a digital marketing company based out of Portland, Or. We are dynamic group of creatives that make ideas happen. Our services include Graphic Design, Video, Photography, and Web Design. We help local artists and business owners build unique content that connects with their online audiences; targeting authentic media that verifies and promotes with products, events, and services. We pride ourselves on tangibility; we work closely with film, pen and paper, and graphic design to produce mixed mediums that stick. We apply these mixed mediums to traditional and digital campaign strategies to benefit your digital outreach.

“Thought and Expression”-We gather our clients traditions, values, and business information and translate this into content that helps online prospects get a better understanding of their culture, values, and business at large. Our services include graphic design, photography, film, video, and digital marketing. We provide content that adds substance and value to your business for existing clients and prospective new ones.


Folk Life Creative has one goal in mind for its clients; Freedom. Artists and business owners alike, must have a grasp on their digital presence. Folk Life helps organize, design, and output this information so that you have strategy that gives back consistent, authentic content. With this established, business owners can move forward in confidence; knowing that their businesses digital assets and online reputation are being taken care. This give our clients freedom to promote, network, and most importantly enjoy their lives outside of their business.