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Stephen Blanquie

Lost and Founder of FLC, Digital Strategist, Super-8 Enthusiast.

Family-man, skateboarder..Dog in a past life. Stephen helps with the back-bones of our digital marketing services. He is an integral part of maintaining client relations, developing our marketing campaigns, and organizing our client reports.

Credentials: Bachelors of Communication at PSU, RRFC Video Editing Certification in Los Angeles, Google Adwords and Data studio certified, After Effects Training Certification.

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Erik Berglund

Web Design, Experience Builder, Illustrator, Real-Life Enigma of the Smiley Face.

Eriks mind never stops creating. He actually can’t turn it off. He is constantly producing content and we are lucky to have him on our side at FLC. He bridges the gap between Thought and Expression; helping our clients live “their best life” in the digital landscape.

Credentials: Bachelors of Graphic Design at PSU

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Mat Rodriguez

Video Dude, , FLC Life Coach Support.

Mat documents things. He has a great eye for the camera and he is an audio master on the 8-track (boom-mic). Mat is well versed in video editing, photography, and camera operation.

Credentials: Multimedia degree at PCC