Aesthetic is everything when you are communicating with clients and your prospective digital audience. We help identify your businesses mission, values, and key messaging so that its cohesive with your digital output.

  • What are the Benefits/features of your products/services.

  • What do prospects already think of your company?

  • What qualities do you want to be associated with?

  • What needs, habits, and desires does your business fulfill?

Once your Brand is clearly defined we:

Integrate your Brand- From owner to employees to customers; your brands messaging is understood and easily communicated.

“Voice”-This applies to your business online and in the office. Is your business friendly? Do you initiate conversation that that is natural and professional? Folk Life helps guide its clients to communicating with their customers so that their business is personable through the entire process.

Develop a Tagline- Write a memorable, meaningful, and concise statement that captures the essence of your brand.

Design templates and create brand standards-Your business assets need to be branded in a way thats attractive, fun, and professional. Folk Life helps its clients create marketing material that has consistent color scheme, logo placement, and layout design.

Brand Promise- Loyal Customers rely on brand promising to deliver on their word. This plays into Folk Lifes value of Responsibility. You are responsible for good business and accountable to to your mistakes (yes, you will make some).